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Technology is being used every single day to support and benefit the education and learning sector. Doing away with chalkboards was just the tip of the iceberg. Over the past 10-12 years, investments made in digital data transformation, assessment and evaluation tools, and school management systems have increased exponentially. The efforts to actively use rapidly developing technological tools in the field of education, to evolve conventional processes into digital processes, to produce richer and interactive digital course materials, and to transition to an education model independent of time and place are increasing at a breakneck pace. But the education sector is a conventional sector, and although the use of technology in schools has increased over time, the digital education transformation is still in its infancy. Digital transformation does not happen only with the help of digital educational products. For this process to be healthy and usable, the contents need to be digitalized, and educators must adapt to this change.


Well-positioned to address the elephant in the room, BK Mobil is structured to assist institutions in all areas of digitalization efforts. On the one hand, the firm designs and helps integrate the necessary software, and on the other, the team at BK Mobil helps organizations undergo digital transformation by preparing and delivering digital content along with internal training materials and seminars.


“We want to build the future with our experienced trainers and technology-focused partners by making agile decisions,” begins Hüseyin Yücel, Chairman, BK Mobil.


Why do you need to consider BK Mobil?


The products by BK Mobil are designed to meet all the needs of educational institutions. “If you want to open a school today, we are in a position to provide you with all the digital products you need,” says Mr. Yücel. BK Mobil’s products are designed to be used as a whole, as well as module by module, which gives clients the flexibility to buy only a part that meets their needs and then integrate it into their existing systems.


Metodbox is BK Mobil’s unique digital education platform for clients in the digital education realm. Metodbox, which recently was updated with an AI layer, is future proof and has the flexibility and infrastructure to meet all the needs of a modern school.


Metodbox’s AI layer works similar to a doctor diagnosing a patient and providing the treatment. For instance, when a student makes mistakes in math questions, the Metodbox artificial intelligence module PAI examines the student’s incorrect answers and goes to the bottom of the question and warns the student that ‘your length and area calculations are good but you are lacking in square roots.’ Thus, the problem is detected immediately, and the student is directed to work in the area where he is missing. Metodbox PAI not only prepares a study program that will enable students to reach their goals by looking at their educational data but also informs teachers about students by making inferences about what the exam results will be if they continue at this pace.


In a nutshell, Metodbox is not only an AI-based personalized distance learning product but also a school management system. In the current Covid 19 situation, with just Metodbox, you can get all you need to establish and run a school!


The other products of BK Mobil include Metodbox Bee and SeeMeet. While the former is a teacher controlled project management and team working platform used to digitize STEM-A projects for K1-K5 Students, the latter is a video conferencing solution integrated with Metodbox and its contents.


“Through each and every product, we are working with our education specialists to solve their real-life problems. This is the main value we put at our products,” says Mr. Yücel. “Our advantage against our competitors is our agile and synergetic working methodology. We of course have lots of global competitors but none of them are 100% compliant with educational needs and will never be due to their size and development priorities,” smiles Mr. Yücel.


True to his words, BK Mobil may have big and powerful competitors, but none of them are focused purely on education like BK Mobil. And that is the company’s biggest strength.


The Significance of BK Mobil in Today’s Situation


“When the pandemic started to spread, all the schools were shut down, and a new era began. Till pandemic, no one believed that distance education might one day be the new way of education. We had Metodbox up and running with full contents so we did not get caught off guard but most schools did,” says Mr. Yücel.


But even though BK Mobil had a flawless product, it was an offline tool, not online, and schools needed teacher-guided online sessions. Clients started to use well-known video conferencing products, but even the biggest products had some problems because they were not created to solve educational needs. In April 2020, after analyzing the conditions, BK Mobil developed a video conferencing product for online classes. “We developed the new education identity management tool “Learning Identity Management” and “Real Time Course Planning” on Metodbox so that teachers and students can easily connect to SeeMeet with a single user id and password,” informs Mr. Yücel. The team added features such as course, unit, subject-based content and tests, duration, requesting speech, messaging, file sharing, and creating surveys on SeeMeet to create a digital classroom atmosphere by extracting training needs analysis with the intermediate layers.


SeeMeet was announced through digital channels on 01.06.2020, both to serve end-users and to be used in the education vertical.


What’s in store for the future?


According to Unesco’s report, COVID-19 affected more than 1.5 Billion students all over the world. Will schools be opened? Will the hybrid model be used in education? Although we do not know the answers to these questions, for now, the only thing we know is that digititalization in education has now reached the breaking point.


BK Mobil has learned from their experience that a good educational design is necessary to make education and training independent from time and place. Education and training do not come to a standstill. In this context, BK Mobil will continue to invest in new technologies and create new generation tools in education and communication technologies.


“We believe that even if the pandemic is over, nothing will be the same as before, this is the new order, the new order will bring new needs, new needs will bring new products and services,” says Mr. Yücel on an ending note.


Listing Details: 


Company: BK Mobil

Website: http://bktomorrow.com/

Location: Ankara, Turkey

Management: İsrafil Dilmeç – CEO, Ferhan Yalçın – CTO, Pınar Dilmeç – COO, Emre Eriş – CCO


Quote: “Through each and every product, we are working with our education specialists to solve their real-life problems.”


Description: BK Mobil is a software company focused on educational technologies, whose primary products are; Metodbox – AI-based adaptive digital learning platform



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