What is Metodbox?

Personal Artificial Intelligence-based Learning Platform

What is Metodbox?

In the century we are in, information and communication technologies emerge as the guides of changes and developments in many fields. Educational environments, which are part of the changing world, must also constantly renew themselves to meet the needs.

At this point, Metodbox serves as an artificial intelligence-based, personal, digital learning platform that constantly improves itself to meet new needs in the education systems.

SeeMeet is a social interaction platform, prepared for the new generation remote communication needs. According to the needs of the new generation roles; interactive live courses that can be conducted independently from the location and remotely can be planned and conducted.

In Methodbox; live courses can be defined, course materials can be added to live courses, and it is possible to participate in live courses in SeeMeet without the steps of creating an account or entering a password.

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Who can Use Metodbox?