BAU Global President Enver Yücel Attended AIWorld Conference

–      Enver Yucel announces the introduction of artificial intelligence-based education at the Artificial Intelligence World Conference

–      “We will introduce the artificial intelligence system, which is used only in Turkey, to the world within 6 months.”

“Artificial Intelligence World Conference” which is considered the world’s biggest artificial intelligence conference, was held in Boston. Enver Yucel, who is the first and only Turkish person as a speaker in the conference, said that “We have started artificial intelligence-based education in two years. We will introduce the artificial intelligence system, which is used only in Turkey, to the world within 6 months.”

“Artificial Intelligence World Conference”, organized for the 4th time this year by Cambridge Innovation Institute, brought together world giants such as Harvard, IBM, Microsoft, Amazon, Google and Facebook.3 thousand guests from the USA and all over the world participated in the program. 250 speakers, including representatives of leading companies in the world artificial intelligence sector participated in the conferences where practical situations of artificial intelligence were focused on, artificial intelligence analyses and opportunities for networking and business development are provided. Wilfred Justin, an executive of Amazon, Pin-Yu Chen from IBM and Dr. Alex Sandy Pentland, one of the world’s 7 most important data scientists and “one of the 100 Americans to shape the century” from MIT, participated in the conference as the speakers. The only speaker from Turkey was Enver Yucel, the Chairman of BAU Global, in the conference, acting with the motto of “Support Economy and Change the lives of People.” Yucel stated that “We will introduce the artificial intelligence-based personalized system, which is currently used only in Turkey, to the world market.”


“The system will be introduced to the world within 6 months”

Enver Yucel who stated that the education sector has a traditional structure and said the following in his speech” Teachers and instructors are always required, this should not change. We need to prepare our schools accordingly. We have to adapt artificial intelligence to education. We need to develop artificial intelligence in education. If the people involved in this sector change this, then we revolutionize education. We cannot build the world with the understanding of the old world. Look at the artificial sectors we work in, they provide personalized services in every field. For example, people have different diseases and the treatment is made depending on this condition. Then, at the beginning of all this work, we need to provide personalized education. If we cannot provide personalized education, we cannot educate students and people in the sectors we change. If we cannot do this, then we cannot achieve a fair and equal distribution in the world. I am an educator. My group and friends have been working on personalizing of education for 10 years. We have come a long way in this regard. In 2 years, we started artificial-based education. This system will determine why students do not understand and give them responses so that they can understand better.


“People-driven artificial intelligence”

Enver Yucel who emphasized that “We provide education to thousands of students from different geographical areas, explained the system which is used in Turkey for the first time as follows. “As we are a big educational group with 200 thousand students, it is not difficult to develop these software since we have all the data of these students from the age of 4 to 18 years on education processes. We educated and trained our teachers before we started this work. Artificial intelligence does not leave teaching aside, it supports the teacher. The teacher should be able to use it well, and each of our teachers has almost one advisor in this respect. Regardless of the sector, artificial intelligence technology should capture people. It should be a people-driven artificial intelligence. Also, we provide continuous training for our teacher to become experienced in this regard and better understand this culture. The world now has to get out of the fabricated education and return to the personalized education. That’s when fair and equality spreads to all the children in the world.”

In her remarks at the panel organized under the name of Artificial Intelligence Literacy in the conference, Bahcesehir College General Manager, Mrs. Ozlem Dag who mentioned the importance of educating with artificial intelligence at early ages, stated that “We believe in the importance of providing Artificial Intelligence Literacy education. Therefore, we are the first K-12 education institution which implements Artificial Intelligence Literacy education in Turkey. One of the most important challenges in education is that people have different learning styles at different levels. Learning process is as unique as fingerprint. Personalized Learning Model, which we have been led for years in Turkey, is one of the most important source of success in our schools. We now include artificial intelligence with an artificial intelligence-based personalized digital education platform.

Alex Sandy Pentland, a professor at MIT for more than 30 years and recently one of the best data scientists of Forbes in the world, explained that human strategy and artificial intelligence should be fit for everyone. Pentland also provided information on how to ensure transparency in government and on specific areas.


On the other hand, at the “Artificial Intelligence World Conference” that lasted for 3 days and hosted more than 2700 participants, futures changes of sectorial issues such as customer analysis of artificial intelligence, cyber security, health services, financial services, e-commerce, energy, production and research were discussed. It has been learnt that the Artificial Intelligence World Government will be held in Washington D.C. in June.