Metodbox for Teachers

Management systems, rich contents and more

Metodbox for Teachers

The role of the teacher changes with the new generation student characteristics. The new generation teacher has a role in planning the educational process, enriching the process with teaching tools, guiding the students and managing their learning experiences by giving individual feedback to the students.

At this point, Metodbox offers teaching environment support that will help teachers.

Management Systems

  • You can list your students according to their branch and performance levels.
  • You can follow up the course, unit and topic performance by creating study groups according to your students’ proficiency levels.
  • You can follow up the process by creating assessment and etude for the branch / study group.
  • With notifications, you can follow assessment, etude and exam announcements and be aware of new content in Metodbox. You can also send a message to the student / branch / study group.

Rich Content

  • You can access the course contents associated with the courses, units, topics and achievements in the MEB curriculum. (MEB: Turkish Ministry of Education)
  • You can enrich the learning environment with course videos, question solution videos, animation etc.
  • You can easily use the entire course content in your courses online via the smart board.

Analysis and Report

  • You can follow up student performance by reaching student-based results reports of the tests you send to your students as assessment.
  • You can examine your students’ exam results with detailed exam analysis charts and compare them with previous exams.

Live Courses

  • You can define, follow up your live courses and easily connect to them via the video call platform / social interaction platform SeeMeet.
  • You can present a live course environment enriched with tests, course videos and other contents in Metodbox.