Metodbox for Students

Follow up systems, analysises, reports, tests and more…

Metodbox for Students

It is necessary to know the characteristics of the new generation students and to provide an appropriate education and training environment. Today, students want to be actively participated in the teaching process; to have their own learning experience; teaching environment enriched with text, shape, graphic, image, animation, video, sound recording etc.

By focusing on student needs, we offer services with Metodbox (Kindergarten and Grades 1-12) and Metodbox Junior (Kindergarten and Grades 1-4).

Follow Up Systems

  • You can view events and schedule in daily, weekly, monthly or agenda format; follow up the curriculum as course / unit / topic from the calendar.
  • You can follow up your assessments and etudes, consolidate the topics by completing the assessment given via Metodbox.
  • With notifications, you can follow up assessments, etudes and exam announcements; be aware of new content in Metodbox.

Analysis and Report

  • Before the exams, you can prepare for them by following the exam dates.
  • After the exam results are announced; with detailed question-based information, you can follow up your exam score, rank, percentage and exam performance.
  • You can compare the changes of your performance with previous exams with detailed exam analysis graphics.


  • You can reach the results instantly by solving the tests compatible with the courses, units and topics in the MEB curriculum. (MEB: Turkish Ministry of Education)
  • According to the test results, you can improve your performance by directing to the course contents related to the gains you need reinforcement.
  • You can also access online tests with a square code and solve them.

Goal - Performance

  • By setting a goal, you can follow the performance you need to achieve your goal.
  • If you are an exam group student, you can also set your target by choosing school or higher education program via the choice robot.

Rich Content

  • You can reinforce the topics and improve your performance with course videos, question solution videos, animation, outsource educational content which are compatible with the courses, units and topics in the MEB curriculum. (MEB: Turkish Ministry of Education)

Live Courses

  • You can follow up your live courses and easily connect to them via the video call platform / social interaction platform
  • Live course environment enriched with tests, videos and other content in Metodbox is waiting for you.

Even More in Metodbox Junior

  • Todays: You can carry out activities in a funny environment with “Today” characters.
  • Educational games: You can play enjoyable educational games with Today characters who like to play games.
  • Discovery: You can discover areas such as courses, learning areas, activities by visiting on the map.
  • Fun: You can access the content with colorful page designs.
  • can also have a pleasant time while learning in an interesting environment.
  • Ease of Use: You can have a pleasant time while learning in an easy-to-use environment.