Native Video Chat Platform SeeMeet

Native Video Chat Platform SeeMeet


25 August 2020

Two years it is in use since Artificial Intelligence-Based People Specific Digital Learning Platform remote training period successfully pass Bahçeşehir College carried out Metodbox offered Turkey’s education-integrated first domestic video conversation platform seemeet of the appreciation of education and information world.

Bahçeşehir College Executive Chairman Huseyin Yucel said: “Turkey’s goal of becoming a producing countries to science and technology, we also offer our contribution to knowledge accumulation and investment.”

Bahçeşehir College started face-to-face education in kindergartens on 17 August. In line with the announced MEB decisions, primary, secondary and high school students of Bahçeşehir College started their education online on August 17.

Bahçeşehir College, which has been working on academic content and technical infrastructure updates since March, is strongly starting distance education in the new period. Stating that they have been investing in digitalization in education for 12 years, Bahçeşehir College Chief Executive Officer Hüseyin Yücel emphasizes that they have been working on the Metodbox application for 5 years. Hüseyin Yücel, who said that they are providing distance education to 5 thousand students at the same time with Metodbox, which was established with an investment of 20 million TL in 100 years and currently working in technoparks in Istanbul and Ankara, where nearly 150 engineers and software developers are working, continues as follows: “Personalized Teaching Model with Metodbox We carried our (KÖM) to the future by making it based on artificial intelligence. We have achieved very successful results with Metodbox in the distance education process. One of the pillars of this success is our strong teaching staff. On the other side, we have software developers and engineers working in Technoparks in Istanbul and Ankara. Especially during the pandemic process, these friends worked hard to make our distance education process smooth. Now with this team, we have created SeeMeet, our first native video chat application with education integration. We have been using SeeMeet, named after our 7th grade student, Elif Naz Öztürk, and which we immediately adopted, since April. Turkey, a country that produces science and technology will call. Our Presidency also issued circulars with information security to eliminate the risks and threats, it said the domestic software should be used for the extraction of user information outside of Turkey. We are taking an important step towards this goal by revealing our investments and knowledge. ”

Bahçeşehir College Deputy General Manager for Education and Educational Technologies Dr. Özge Aslan: “With SeeMeet, we are implementing our 360-degree distance learning close monitoring plan.”

Stating that they are carrying out a 360-degree academic process with SeeMeet and Metodbox and their publications, Deputy General Manager Dr. Özge Aslan says “The quality of distance education is determined by the content.” Özge Aslan continues his words as follows: “We are conducting a 360-degree academic process with our artificial intelligence-based personal digital learning platform Metodbox, where our students can access the materials and videos of all their courses, our video-speaking platform SeeMeet where they will conduct their live lessons with their teachers, and our publications. With SeeMeet, we offer our students a platform where they can interact more efficiently with their teachers and friends. The most important point that distinguishes SeeMeet from other video communication platforms is that it is training-oriented and works in full harmony with the Metodbox digital education platform. The union of SeeMeet and Metodbox brings together the needs of the digital school environment in a single application, eliminating the need for users to use different applications and initiating a serious change in the field of ‘distance education close monitoring’.

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